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Densely covered by river network, Foshan is a famous city with long history and rich culture. It has many tourist attractions and the infrastructure is complete and convenient.
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    Peach blossoms in Nanguo Peach Garden

    More than 67 hectares of peach blossoms are fully blooming in Nanguo Peach Garden.

  • The Ancestral Temple

    Every year, more than one million people at home and abroad visit Foshan Zumiao Museum and they are deeply attracted by its profound Taoist culture, Confucius culture, martial art culture and the traditional culture.

  • Xiqiao Mountain

    Xiqiao Mountain is one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong, with wonderful natural landscape, rich tourism culture details as well as simple and natural folk customs.

  • Zhongshan Park

    Zhongshan Park, located at the waterfront of Fenjiang River, northeast of Chancheng District, is a complex park integrating leisure, entertainment, propagation, exhibition, scientific promulgation and dining.

  • An introduction of Ancient Nanfeng Kiln

    Foshan Ancient Nanfeng Kilnscenic spot locates in the famous ceramics city Shiwan in southern area.

  • Foshan Folk Art Research Institute

    Foshan Folk Art Research Institute was set up by the government in 1956. It is a special institution for researching, inheriting and developing Foshan traditional folk art.

  • The century-old Xiaotang train station in Shishan, Nanhai

    As for the old residents in Xiaotang, these pictures record the heyday of Xiaotang train station.

  • Xiqiaoshan Guo Yi World Studios

    Inspired by Hengdian World Studios, Xiqiao mountain Guo Yi World Studios is the world's first comprehensive project which movie and TV, tourism, leisure and religion are planned in one place.

  • Chen Qiyuan Memorial Hall

    Chen Qiyuan Memorial Hall is located at Yiting Ancestral Shrine of the Chen Clan in Jiancun Village, Xiqiao Town.

  • Hai Shou Island

    Hai Shou Island, located in the XiJiang River between JiuJiang and HeShan, deserves the name of xanadu.

  • The shadow and light cultural exhibition debuted at Forest Park of Shunfeng Mountain

    The public can go to Forest Park of Shunfeng Mountain to watch the exhibition.


  • Foshan people prayed at the Ancestral Temple on the fifth day of the lunar year

    Visiting the Ancestral Temple on the fifth day of the Chinese Lunar Year marks the inheritance of tradition.


  • 260,000 square meters of waterfront park is planned in Chancheng

    A new waterfront park is about to be built around the dock of Foshan New Port.


  • The 8th Lishui Lily Culture Festival opens in Nanhai

    The 8th Lishui Lily Culture Festival in Nanhai opens free from January 17 to 24.


  • Walking through a field of “pink marshmallow”

    Recently, a field of pinkness is blooming in Jun’an, Shunde, covering an area of 6,000 square meters.


  • Awesome! Marvel Summer Superhero Exhibition @ Lingnan Tiandi

    The “Marvel Summer Superhero Exhibition @ Lingnan Tiandi” has landed in Foshan from July 8 to Sep. 3.


  • Amazing Activities to be held in this May in Foshan

    There are lots of activities to be held in this May in Foshan. Let’s see if there is something interests you.


  • Easter activities in Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan

    The youth arts fair “Here! Here! Month of Lingnan Arts” in Lingnan Tiandi was open since April 8.